Preparation is the key to painting and this is especially true of exterior painting jobs.

We prime all rough exterior surfaces completely before painting to ensure adhesion and eliminate later problems. The Canadian climate is harsh and calls for some of the most durable exterior paints, and that is exactly what we use. Our exterior painting specialists also stain decks and paint porches

➾ We carefully plan work dates to coincide with good weather. Painting requires dry weather, as well as a recommended minimum temperature of 10°C for most products. Moisture must also be allowed to completely evaporate from materials to be painted.
➾ We will clean all soiled surfaces prior to painting. Power-washing is done as required, or on any surfaces requested.
This can be even more important than the paint itself, and we take care to identify and remedy all issues.
➾ Our exterior painters cover all shrubs and flowers in lightweight plastic and the ground is covered in drop sheets. All exterior hardware is marked and taken down.
➾ All surfaces to be painted are scraped and sanded  to promote adhesion and remove contaminants. All holes are filled with the proper exterior filler (wood filler for wood, dyna patch for metal, exterior caulking for cracks).
➾ Priming is done on all surfaces requiring sealing or better adhesion for the finish coat.
➾ Our painters clean up and take away any garbage produced from your exterior paint job off site to dispose of properly

When you choose ColourPro Painting you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality job possible. We warranty all work for 2 years and won’t leave your project until you’re satisfied.


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