Painting Tips For Wooden Fencing


The same goes for fences as with siding, always pressure wash any dirt and debris before painting and let dry before you paint/stain. You have a few options when it comes to products for your fence i.e.: Semi transparent stain, solid stain etc. Each has its pros and cons. When it comes to wood fences we tend to recommend oil based stains for the best penetration and longevity. Semi transparent stains look very nice and extenuate the natural wood look,but aren’t as forgiving to use and tend to not last as long with the sun we get in Kamloops and will fade over a shorter time. Solid stain will last longer, will fade very little if at all and is very forgiving to use. It will also hide any water stains in the wood which Semi Transparent Stains will not do. But it is more like a paint and you won’t see the wood grains like a Semi Transparent Stain. If you get a Hybrid Emulsion such as Shark Skin it is an Acrylic and Oil in one product which means it is self priming. For vertical surfaces you can get away without oil priming the fence first but with horizontal surfaces such as decks the pro’s still recommend using a thinned down oil primer before using the solid stain for the best longevity.

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