Painting Tips for Wooden Exteriors in Kamloops


Kamloops can get a lot of intense-hot sun during the summer months which can be very hard on the paint and siding of your home, fading and cracking/peeling are very common. When paint is peeled you want to make sure you scrape everything off thats peeled or raised possible, and if there is exposed wood we recommend spot priming those areas with an oil based primer for optimal adhesion (water based primers will not penetrate and adhere to the wood properly) We like to use a high quality Hybrid Emulsion Solid Stain like Shark Skin from Cloverdale Paints which has UV inhibitors in it for added longevity. Whatever you use remember you get what you pay for, cheaper is rarely better especially when it comes to a major investment such as your home. Make sure to fill any cracks/gapes or holes with caulking or wood filler as needed.

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